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Relocation services in Lithuania: city tour, legal, immigration procedures, home and accomodation search, resettlement and departure from Lithuania. Useful advices for foreigners about settlement and living in Lithuania, entertainments, healthcare, education, shopping.



"As a senior executive, relocating to new countries involves a whole burden of administrative tasks but, more importantly, it opens a new phase in life not just for the person but for the whole family. The smoother and faster it gets, the easier to focus on your new position and the nicer the transition for your family. I personally lived this experience many times and undoubtedly my relocation to Lithuania scores the highest. Under Kristina Servutienes´s strong initiative, customer orientation and deep market expertise activities like temporary lodging, house hunting and rent contract signing, belongings arrival, school finding, permits management, second-car buying and many other activities always happened exceedingly fast and without any incidents, with a enormous impact in our quality of life not only in the beginning but along our whole stay in the country. Hence, both my family and me keep the highest appreciation for Kristina’s personal competence and proudly recommend her services to others arriving to such a beautiful country as Lithuania."

Enrique Jimenez, Managing Director Philip Morris Baltic

"As the wife of a senior executive I have been relocated to new countries in several times. This is a very difficult time for all the family, specially when you have kids, as it is our case with 4 kids. When we arrived to Lithuania it was a very challenge change for all the family and with the help of Kristina Servutiene everything ran really smooth. She did all her best to keep everything under control in all the aspects: schools, second car buying, house renting, reparations needed during all our stay in Lithuania, work permits for our nanny and many other activities. She did it always really fast and she was really nice. After two years I can tell that all the family miss her and her enthusiasm doing her job. We only have good words to say about her and her work assisting an expat family in a new country and I really recommend her services to enjoy your stay in Lithuania in a very nice way."

Carmen Lopez

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"Lidl Lietuva", "Sanofi Aventis Lietuva", "KPMG Baltic", "Philip Morris Baltic", "Unity Technologies LT", "JSC Simplika", "Lietuvos Bankas", "IKEA", "Decathlon Lietuva".

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