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Comfortable and cosy accommodation is one of the most important factors when relocating into a new country. "Relocation to Lithuania" will ask you to give us a list of all needs and wishes for new home and we will look for the best options for your consideration.

Short term accommodation

Our main cities, Vilnius especially, has a long list of options for short term accommodation: hotels or apartments located down town or suburbs.  We will help you to find living place that suits your needs the most.

Home hunting

For a long stay, the place should bring you closer to your home or office. We will search for place that helps you feel comfortable and cosy, that suits your living habits, that is important for your family members.

Lease negotiation

Once the place is chosen let us negotiate the best price available for your home. Local language will help to find right words and arguments to arrive to the best price.

Agrreements with local utilities providers

Usually our utility service providers do not speak English and all documents must be filled in Lithuanian. Let it be our burden. Our company will help you to sign all needed contracts: electricity, heating, TV cable, water, cleaning services, internet and other.

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