Legal / Immigration


"Relocation to Lithuania" know the authorities, registrations, and other formalities, and are aware of the latest regulations and requirements. We can work with you to advise you of the best immigration procedure in the following:

Visa applications

EU members may enter Lithuania freely. Many other nationals do not need a visa to stay in Lithuania for up to 90 days. If you are from a country that requires a visa, you must submit documents to enter the country. Our company will help you in all steps for visa application.

Work permit application

There's paperwork to be done before you can legally work in Lithuania. Conditions are different for EU citizens and non-EU citizens. Our company can guide you through all process and paper work.

Residence permit

Residence permits in the Republic of Lithuania are of two types: temporary and permanent. We will fill all necessary documents upon your needs to meet requirements for temporary or permanent permit.

Renewal and cancelation of permits

We will track and timely present needed documents for permit renewal or cancelation.wal or cancelation.

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